2019 Caregiver Conference Topics

Both topics below will be presented by Teepa Snow at the 2019 Area Agency on Aging Caregiver Conference.

Communication and Behaviors in Dementia Care & Caregiver Coping

This session will help the individual develop better communication skills when working with people with dementia. It will help the individual empathize therefore being able to redirect and distract. The goal of this session is to reduce/minimize unproductive communication and resistive behaviors by using effective verbal/non-verbal skills.

Making Moments of Joy

This session is designed to help caregivers recognize and appreciate their role in creating days that are filled with moments of joy and meaningful activities when caring for someone with dementia.

Emphasis will be placed on developing an awareness of the importance the caregiver’s attitude and behavior play in determining the reactions and behaviors of the person for whom they are providing care. Self-awareness and self-assessment will be used to help caregivers acknowledge their own status and emotional state. There will also be a discussion of the importance of recognizing ‘burn out’ and stress to determine if the caregiver is able, at this time, to find or create moments of joy or may need respite and time away or additional assistance and support to re-establish relationships that allow joy to be part of the day.