Physical Address Assignment

What is physical address assignment?

SPAG 9-1-1 staff provide physical addressing for the rural areas of the 14 counties surrounding Lubbock. Contact the Regional 9-1-1 Department at 806-762-8721 if you need to request an address for a new structure or update any information such as name, phone, or address.

How does it work?

9-1-1 addresses are attached to telephone records so that when 9-1-1 is dialed, a location will be displayed for emergency services. Therefore, if the caller is unable to speak or give the call-taker driving instructions, they can still be located with a map. Also, the location of the telephone determines how the call is routed. If someone in a rural home calls 9-1-1 and the telephone company does not have their physical address (i.e., only a P.O. Box), emergency crews may not be able to find the home of the caller, especially in a situation where the caller cannot speak or is incoherent. SPAG 9-1-1 staff assign physical addresses to rural homes. You can now receive your rural 9-1-1 address via email if you live within the SPAG region.

How will emergency crews know which house matches my address?

We recommend that you display your address on or near your house or structure so that it may be identified from the street by 9-1-1 emergency vehicles.

Is my physical address kept confidential?

SPAG will only release 9-1-1 addresses to the actual owners or occupants of structures or to governmental entities under certain conditions. We know that many businesses such as lending institutions, utility companies, insurance companies, and real estate agencies are now required to obtain physical addresses for their customers in order to process new applications or service orders. SPAG Regional 9-1-1 houses the official database of 9-1-1 addresses for 14 counties in the South Plains. However, please be aware that certain 9-1-1 information is considered confidential and may not be released to the general public. Requests from non-governmental entities for information that a telecommunications service is required to furnish to a governmental entity is confidential under Chapter 771.061 of the Health and Safety Code and a mandatory exception to the Public Information Act. Further, the 9-1-1 addresses released to governmental entities remain confidential – they are not mailing addresses and should not be used for that purpose until the postal notification process has been completed and the U.S. Postal Service is prepared to begin mail delivery to physical 9-1-1 addresses rather than to rural routes.

Can people living in cities obtain physical addresses from SPAG?

No. We only have addresses for structures in areas outside of municipal boundaries; your customers will need to contact their City Hall for any addresses within the city limits. We will happily work with your customers to give them the addresses of the buildings they own or occupy, and they in turn can pass that information on to you. Please understand that these are our guidelines in order to comply with state law, and we must abide by them with no exceptions.

Can I get a map with my new physical address on it?

Yes. Maps are updated on a regular basis by our program specialists and are available for purchase at any time.   Contact the Regional 9-1-1 Department at 806-762-8721 for pricing information or to place a map order. Please allow at least 6 weeks for delivery after payment has been received.

* Note: For all Lubbock County addressing requests (including the cities of Plainview and Abernathy), please contact Lubbock Emergency Communications District at (806) 747-0911 or