The South Plains Association of Governments (SPAG) is a Council of Governments that serves a fifteen county region in North WestTexas. SPAG is the only organization representing all general purpose governments, both cities and counties, in the region.

SPAG was created in 1967 when local officials recognized that the South Plains is a unique region whose identity is defined by common interests, geography, climate, and economy. In essence, SPAG, is a service organization, created by its local government members to enhance their individual capacities.


SPAG/Caprock BFC have partnered with the City of Lubbock and are proud to announce the launch of LB3 – Lubbock Businesses Bounce Back Small Business GRANT program. The application is available today at www.caprock504.org for all small businesses located within the City Limits of Lubbock. To watch a quick overview of the program and how to apply, check out our youtube page at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6sI_9HWQLdKo0Ipf6OZR8A. The application and instructions are available in English and Spanish. If you have questions, email LB3@spag.org today!

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About SPAG

SPAG is a voluntary association created by the local governments within state planning region two. Authorized by state law, SPAG is an independent political subdivision of the state and is an instrument of local governments. It is one of 24 such organizations in Texas. 

The SPAG Board of Directors meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

The SPAG planning region, delineated by the Governor, encompasses 15 counties covering 13,737 square miles. Approximately 60% of the region’s population is located in Lubbock County, which is geographically centered in the region. The economy is dominated by agriculture, agribusiness, and service industries. 

Any local government in the 15-county area is eligible for membership in the association.  All 15 counties, 46 cities, and 9 special purpose districts are participating members of SPAG. 

Recognizing that more can be accomplished by acting together rather than alone, local governments created their association as a service organization for themselves. SPAG is charged with representing the interests of local governments of the region and facilitating orderly development of the economic, social, and physical environment. Acting through SPAG, local governments create opportunities based upon local needs and preferences.